polo ralph lauren home A sea breeze on Spring Street

polo panties A sea breeze on Spring Street

The Associated Press is all over New York Fashion Week, from the runways to celebrities as eight days of spring previews entered their second day Friday.


Selena Gomez and Ciara took in the air from the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel for Polo eclectic spring presentation that offers pops of bright colour and dark wash denim.

Models stood in clusters, some beside planted foliage sipping water, as the crowd moved around them. The singers were joined by up and comer Tinashe, who professed her love for denim.

definitely like a boyfriend jean, just relaxed, kind of fun. That when I feel super confident, natural, she said.

The brand new dark wash jeans were joined at the presentation by bright green skinny pants, purple blazers and pink collar shirts. Others wore reds and the guys showed off classic looks in blue and tan blazers, and a bright pink pullover sweater.

Still other models were dressed in bold floral garden party dresses, with the same print carried over to a skinny pant for women. There were also dainty blue and white stripe button down dresses paired with green and orange jackets.

Ralph Lauren said in a statement this Polo woman has a attitude, is well bred, with a downtown edge. season is just one look, but an eclectic mix for spring, he added.


Of course she did her signature cartwheel. Of course she landed in a split, rolled over on her back and lay splayed on the ground, just luxuriating in the applause.

The 73 year old designer with the signature blonde mop on her head was having her usual grand old time on Friday at New York Fashion Week actually, perhaps even grander than usual as she celebrated 50 years in fashion with a delightfully zany show heavy on sparkle, colour, stripes, flounce and pizazz. Oh, and balloons: the show ended with all her models holding silver balloons as they skipped around in a circle, Johnson among them.

In a backstage interview, Johnson said she was dedicating her show to her now 94 year old dance teacher.

was my teacher from when I was 4 years old until high school, Johnson said as she prepared for the show. acrobatics and tap. You know, I wanted to be a Rockette. fondness for the Rockettes and dancers in general was obvious from Friday runway display, a gathering of some of her favourite designs that celebrated, decade by decade, Johnson remarkable career. She decided to go backward in time for this show, beginning with the current decade, and then working her way back to outfits evoking the 1960s, when she began in fashion.

just wanted to take this moment and celebrate the 50 years, she said. the costumes. I took my little costumes and remade them for big girls. And you can see every aspect of my inspiration when you see these costumes: the puffed sleeves, the tutus I mean, it all there. Noveck

Acrylic clutch bags for the Instagram age took an oceangoing turn down in Soho,
polo ralph lauren home A sea breeze on Spring Street
thanks to Edie Parker founder and designer Brett Heyman.

She put colorful, squiggly jellyfish, shells, hula skirted ladies and anchors on her spring collection, mixing her signature playful acrylic with raffia, linen and wicker. And she didn scrimp on the wordage, which some love to hate, offering and bags are all over red carpets, with her kitschier versions also drawing celebrity attention.

is a funkier collection, she said. think someone with a fearless style would be good. Gwyneth Paltrow?

has a bag of mine that says I love that she bought that, Heyman laughed.

Edie Parker launched in 2010, driven by Heyman love of vintage, mid century style. Since, she has become a darling of the young and fearless, including Lupita Nyong and she sells around the world in places like the Harvey Nichols store in Dubai and Neiman Marcus.

Last year she made it into the Top 10 for the Council of Fashion Designers of American/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

have so much support from the red carpet, from celebrities, Heyman said as she showed off her latest beachy collection in happy hues of sea blue, sea foam and swirly, coral pink.

Heyman said she had the African/Brazillian goddess Yemaya on her mind. She may or may not have created the sea, and she credited as a granter of wishes. At the dreary, drippy start of fashion week, a touch of ocean life might just have been one.

Designer Kerby Jean Raymond collection for the Pyer Moss label launched Thursday night with gripping and now familiar videos of police violence. The choking death of Eric Garner. The teenage girl thrown to the ground outside a Texas pool party. The running down of a suspect as lights flashed. The smashing of a car window, and then cries.

He said his show was about defying stereotypes thug, the entertainer and redefining the black narrative in America.

During the show opening video, which combined the images of confrontation with a range of interviews with singer Usher and others on the need for change, people in the audience gasped or murmured. In an added touch, artist Gregory Siff moved among the models on the runway, quickly tagging the mostly stark, sport ish clothes.

On the back of one robe, Siff scrawled Breathe Breathe, a likely reference to Garner repeated plea, can breathe. some models didn know what they had signed up for until they heard the video begin backstage.

was so blown away by it, it was unreal, said British model Abby Clee. knew I was definitely moved. I was a bit teary but thought, I shouldn cry when I about to go out. I think a lot of people were quite moved, by their faces. Obviously,
polo ralph lauren home A sea breeze on Spring Street
it means quite a lot to them. said she was honoured to be in the show.

women s sleeveless polo shirts A Ruling by French Court Finds Copyright in a Design

hanes stedman polo A Ruling by French Court Finds Copyright in a Design

Saint Laurent first created in 1966 and showed again during the haute couture fall collections for 1991 92.

The Paris Tribunal de Commerce, a French commercial court, also awarded Mr. Lauren $87,720 in damages for a defamation lawsuit he brought against Pierre Berge, the chairman of Yves Saint Laurent, for comments about Mr. Lauren in Women’s Wear Daily, a fashion trade newspaper.

In the April 11 issue of the paper, Mr. Berge was quoted as saying, “It’s one thing to draw inspiration from another designer; it’s quite another to rip off a design, line for line, cut for cut, which is what Ralph Lauren did.”

Mr. Lauren had sold 123 of the tuxedo dresses, the details of which differed from the St. Laurent version, at his Paris boutique for about $1,000. The dresses that remained were seized and impounded in December, when Yves Saint Laurent brought the lawsuit.

The case may be the first time that a tactic used against counterfeiters of fashion goods impounding of merchandise has been used by one designer against another.

The case has riveted the French fashion community, not only because of the famous personalities involved, but because it is the first time a designer has been able to protect a dress as “intellectual property.”

Anthony Keats, an outside counsel for Ralph Lauren and a partner in Baker Hostetler, said: “It certainly raises a flag for the American apparel industry. What it will say is they need to do some research ahead of time if they’re going to introduce designs which they believe are similar to those they’ve seen in the European markets.”
women s sleeveless polo shirts A Ruling by French Court Finds Copyright in a Design

girls polo dress A Ralph Lauren Nautically Restored Vintage Airstream will benefit the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation

polo norte pizzeria A Ralph Lauren Nautically Restored Vintage Airstream will benefit the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation

As one may ascertain from this blog, I LOVE Airstreams. LOVE. So what could be better than Ralph Lauren Vintage Airstream, where the proceeds from the one of a kind, restored campers go to the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation? Lauren restored 4 Airstreams on his Ranch, and the Nautical inspired one is the last one available. Your $100,000 will get you a bunch of loot including:Four napkins custom made from Ralph Lauren’s red sundeck plaidOther places they direct the flow:Hurricane Katrina Relief, American Red Cross, AmeriCorps, Fashion for Relief, Habitat for Humanity, Hands on Campaign, Hands on Campaign, Points of Light Disaster Recovery Fund, Teach for America and Youth Services America. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

A Ralph Lauren Nautically Restored Vintage Airstream will benefit the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation which in turn, benefits your community Fashiontribes From The Heart Blog

As one may ascertain from this blog, I LOVE Airstreams. LOVE. So what could be better than Ralph Lauren Vintage Airstream, where the proceeds from the one of a kind, restored campers go to the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation? Lauren restored 4 Airstreams on his Ranch, and the Nautical inspired one is the last one available. Your $100,000 will get you a bunch of loot including:.
girls polo dress A Ralph Lauren Nautically Restored Vintage Airstream will benefit the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation

long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election

polo button downs A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election

WASHINGTON, DC The federal government will reach yet another debt crisis no later than October of this year. This news comes from Republican Senator Rob Portman and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Senate Budget Committee, announced that his analysis of President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget request established the statutory debt ceiling will be passed before Election Day 2012:

“Following the contentious debt ceiling last August, President Obama promised that he would take action to address the country’s fiscal crisis. He has failed to do that. This is just $60 billion below the 16,394,000,000,000 debt limit. Because the federal government is accumulating debt at a rate of $132 billion a month, the debt ceiling will be reached by October 15, 2012.

Geithner acknowledged the debt limit will be breached but told the Senate Budget Committed he expected that to be after October 15th. do not expect to hit the debt limit until quite late in the year, significantly after the end of the fiscal year [Sept. 30] but before the end of the calendar year, he said. would hit the $16.4 trillion debt limit before the Nov. 6 presidential election, when it would once again become a political hot button issue. The debt ceiling was raised by $1.2 trillion last month after Congress did not pass a resolution opposing it.

The debt limit is just one of a series of critical fiscal issues that probably will have to be decided by the lame duck Congress. Geithner also told the committee that he would not support extending the payroll tax cut into 2013. Congressional negotiators have reached a deal to extend the tax break for the rest of 2012.

Since Geithner’s boss, President Obama, and Democrat leaders have made the payroll tax an issue, that statement is interesting indeed. The President has masterfully positioned himself and his friends in Congress as champions of tax cuts for the middle class via the payroll tax cut issue. Now Geithner says he will not support its extension into 2013.

The picture should be growing clearer what is happening with both the payroll tax cut issue and a string of short term debt ceiling extensions. With the debt ceiling set to be breached mid October, that will give the president fodder to attack any congressman or senator who opposes yet another meaningless extension. “Shut down the government,” is likely to become a campaign slogan once more.

Election Day 2012 federal budget President Obama presidential campaign Tim Geithner Tim George

I work for the Government and let me assure you they are not going to tell you anything. YOu will just wake up one day without power, without a government, without, police and fire. Because to tell you is to admit they failed, lied, and stole. This government is STEALING everything. The reason they dont defend the border is simply because drug money made its way to the congress, senate, and Presidency. Mexican trucks were allowed into the states for one reason alone to smuggle drugs easier, period, distribution. The same goes for medical marijuana, it is to distribute easier. Our violent crime rate (in our city) has gone up 37% in the 3 years after the medical MJ shops openned. The that our US druggies provide is the root of most evil. If we dont get the drug habit under control, no matter how the war comes out, we will still have the problem, and it will grow again. Why it is hand in hand with Communists and Socialist is that it is right out of MAO redbook, destablization of the existing govt. That is why they are all on the same train. The reason they side with the muslims is because they will use them to create the chaos and volatility needed for a Global war.

This Crisis didnt exist until the first babyboomers tried to take their money out of Wall Street, then bang, the Wall Streeters and Congress were not able to steal as much and they raided the game. The truth is that the government stole all the money in Social Security, it is gone. All the gold in Ft Knox is gone. The times under clinton was merely the refinance of our debt with the chinese. Instead of paying it down they spent the borrowed money like there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow is here. I dont think it is over either, there is worse to come. There can be no common ground. The Left HATES and demonizes Christians and Right wing as Evil, even if they are not associated, if you have one trait you are both and the result is evil. The left will not back up they have nowhere to go to support their hatred and fear and drug induced paranoia , and we are on a cliff. War is coming. Once again we have our country split, dichotomously opposed, the venom and hatred from the left is worse than that I have seen in countries openly warring. And once again we have a fool attorney from Illinois as our leader, who is dividing the country by race and economics successfully. Just like his predecessor he suspended Habeus Corpus (SOPA) , and nobody said a word. By labelling you a you will lose your rights to due process, and nobody said a word. Most of you may think it is only for internet related crimes, but once the presidence is set, how long do you think it will take them to use it on you, when they find no other way of getting at you? Think they wont do that? You would be wrong, they will, and there are men and women in the government, military,
long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election
and police forces who most assuredly will enforce that. We are entering into a dangerous time, the Democrats are enemies of the constitution. Not sure what side the Repubs are on, but if they were as inept in my Army, as they were in governing, I would fire them. Ron Paul, Sarah Palin? They are only onesies and twosies, and Washington DC hates them and fears them, with a vehement passion that is even surprizing to me.

If our brethren on the left dont snap out of their coma and realize they are being duped we as a country will most likely fall apart. The ability to drop your power grid is available to to government and they know it. They did it in the LA Riots and Katrina. Better be prepared to go without power. This spring in the goodwills etc buy all the cold weather gear you can. You are going to need it.

One of the worst problems that will arise out of that power loss will be the loss and of course the complete government control of ALL Communications. You will only hear what they want you to hear. You will be pitted against each other, and good men will be called evil and evil good. They will hunt you down, and your neighbors will betray you, even family members will betray you for favors, but no favors will ever come. We are facing pure evil, in a consolidated force because we did not fight it all along, we let it grow and in our attempt to appear enlightened and we let it multiply. Not sure if this is a bibilcal calamity sized war requiring the return of christ, but it could be, It may be just a man made conflagration that will kill 70 80 million world wide, which really isnt all that much.

Out of the chaos it creates the government will itself and provide a minus a slow moving and archaic that slows down and impedes someone as Good, true, and benevolently well meaning as President Obama. If you go along with it they will enslave you within a few years. Then mental giants like Joe Biden, Al Gore, and harpies like Hillary Clinton will most assuredly decide your fate. Read their books and see what they think of you, the heartland, and read their intent to reduce the population below 30K beyond the Mississippi!! They will tell you what they intend to do. It is all right down the line of what Magaret Sanger wrote in eugenics. The proponents of Global Warming and Climate change see YOU, not them as the problem. I dont know why they think that because they mean well it is your fault, or why if you dont agree with their hypothesis youdeserve to die, but they do. The tree of liberty is demanding an infusion.

Very little more is needed to convince you if your not already convinced that he Bible is gods rules and prophesy is all coming true. No doubt that people throughout the ages could not beleive that it was happening before their eyes either. But it does. Our country is destroying itself. We turned from God, we educated an entire 3 4 generations of imbeciles who only revere their own intellect. As they profess themselves wise they became fools. A Spartan king was once Quoted: A country who allows politicians to lead their Military, and the Military to govern the people, Will be governed by fools, and defended by cowards.

We are there, all we need is a catalyst, and believe you me, from my inside seat at the table, they are searching for it desperately, and if they dont find it they will create it.

One of the biggest societal problems/weaknesses I see is the market that american leftists and liberals create with their drug habit. I am in afghanistan now and you cannot believe the damage that market creates in countries. Ours is next. Expect riots and economic downfalls in the near future. Better be paying attention to the discussions on this site. Better be getting together with friends and family and discussing the War is coming unless we do something to stop it, and giving in or giving up wont stop it. Your family and friends who wont listen or call you nuts, just leave them alone, certainly DO NOT tell them of your preparations. I have deadbeats in my family as well so I know what I am talking about. I have a daughter that I had to throw out for drug usage, before she spread it to the little kids. Hard decisions have to be made, God commanded us to do so. Drug usage is not a victimless crime. What our AG, President, and BATFE did under fast and furious could be considered and illegal act of war against mexico. If you dont vote shame on you. We have got to break the power of this presidency, congress, and senate. We have got to start putting people in power that govern from the constituion alone. We have got to start fighting crime seriously, no more attorney tricks to get money out of the criminal justice system. If you smoke pot or do drugs, be responsible and stop, you are killing other people. If you dont read the bible, you better start. If you are a christian and wonder whether you are saved,
long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election
you better grow up and get with that program. Get fully on board or get off the bandwagon. Good luck to all.

ralph lauren polo black a perfect fit for women

marco polo lesson plans a perfect fit for women

military helicoptersNEW YORK The sight of all those size 0 models on the Fashion Week runways this week recalls an oft quoted line from the film Devil Wears Prada. Happy to be a size 6, the impressionable young fashion assistant Andy Sachs is soon brought down to size:

Six, her mentor declares, the new 14. for the rest of us folks, the question may be even more basic:

What is a 6, and what is a 14?

As any woman who tries on clothes frequently can attest, a 6 in one place can indeed be a 14 somewhere else or an 8, a 10 or a 2. Which makes you wonder: Is there any logic to sizes, or are they just a random jumble of numbers?

The question might not matter, if the whole issue of size didn matter. But as the fashion industry has long known, a woman size certainly does matter to her. Call it the psychology of size: Women care deeply about the number on that tag, even though it likely no one else will see it, save the person manning the cash register. Perhaps no one else will know, but we know, and that enough.

Just ask another Andy Andy Steiner, a mother of two in St. Paul, Minn.

hate to admit it, says Mrs. Steiner, 38, I know size is just a number and I like to think I too smart and feminist to fall for that. But I certainly have a size I consider myself. Of course, I buy smaller and maybe one size bigger. But I never buy two sizes bigger. Way too depressing. recalls a particularly rash fashion decision three years ago, when she bought a pricey, too short designer dress in hot pink, a color she dislikes. But it was a size 2, and she was literally flattered into buying it.

Not just the everyday shopper gets fooled. Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive editor at large for Glamour magazine, loves walking into a store and finding she a size lower. can make you feel fantastic, she says. like stepping on a scale. It can make your day. Or, it can ruin your day. that feeling, of course, will directly affect whether you make the purchase.

Which is why some clothing lines engage in so called sizing skewing sizes down to make the customer feel better. It the reason you might be able to pull an 8 out of your closet from 10 years back, but now, in the same label, you a 4.

can be a very happy 8 at the Gap, but just squeeze into an angry 12 at Club Monaco,
ralph lauren polo black a perfect fit for women
says Berett Fisher, a New York mother and creative director. Naturally, she adds, don go to Club Monaco that much anymore. Gap is owned by Gap Inc. and Club Monaco is a retail division of Polo Ralph Lauren Inc.

know that nobody wants to be a big size, says maternity designer Liz Lange. wants to be more than a size 8 or a 10. She includes herself. can do it, she says of buying a larger size. don want that thing in my closet. yet vanity sizing doesn explain most of the disparity. The larger picture is that every designer uses its own silhouette, or model, based on its target audience, says Dan Butler of the National Retail Federation. The government used to have guidelines for sizing, he says, but they were abandoned decades ago and were never mandatory. Maybe that a good thing, says Mrs. Yalof Schwartz: would be depressed. I rather feel skinnier. is some science to back up the fixation with size: In a survey conducted in the spring by Talbots Inc., 62 percent of women said they would consider clothes only in their specific size when shopping. Asked whether they would go up from that size, 46 percent said they would go one size larger; only 24 percent said they would go up two sizes. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percent.

There is no question that are size focused when they shopping regardless of what they say, says Betsy Thompson, fashion director for Talbots. But, she adds, the customers need to know you consistent. women see a great variance, they question it. other words, some consumers won appreciate it.

Lynemarie D of Evanston, Ill., a frequent online buyer, is frustrated to find her usual sizes are now too big. just makes me have to return more, and hate shopping more, she says. And she stops trusting the clothing line: like when you catch a lover in a lie. every woman cares about size. Some are more like, well, men, who tend to be more pragmatic.

think many men do care about what size their waist is, says New Yorker James Cribbs. I can imagine any of them would buy something they don like just because it fits. Why not move on until you find something that fits and that you like? so sensible. It certainly would avoid tales like that of Mrs. Steiner hot pink, purchase.

She wore the dress once, to a wedding, where she covered it with a shawl. wanted to pull out the size label and show people why I bought it, she said, laughing. She ended up lending it to a friend,
ralph lauren polo black a perfect fit for women
who also wore it once.

marco polo bus Ralph Lauren to Open Upscale New York Store

polo baby boy Ralph Lauren to Open Upscale New York Store

Polo Ralph Lauren will open a Manhattan store on Friday that’s likely to attract rich tourists. The store, built to resemble a mansion, will be the brand’s largest women’s store and will also feature home collections and new lines of lingerie and fine jewelry.

The building and the products scream glamour, but despite the $159,000 diamond necklaces, retail analysts said rich tourists and New Yorkers were not the store’s only intended audience. In a classic effort of brand building, the store is also meant to excite more ordinary shoppers who sustain the company’s profitable polo and khaki business, the analysts said.

“They build these big stores, and when they open them, their critics may say, ‘Polo doesn’t make any money on their stores they’re not profitable,'” said Michael Binetti, an analyst at UBS. “But when you go to the Macy’s or the Lord Taylor in the area, and you can touch that brand at attainable price points in those stores, that’s where the real juice is.”

“I know that as I started to build my own stores, the business got better,” he said. “It helped Neiman’s and it helped Saks, and it helped identify what we are all about.”

He was sitting on a white couch on the second floor, with sun slanting in through huge windows and a spa version of the Guns N’ Roses song “Patience” playing overhead. With mannequins posed like bored socialites (one, apparently overcome with ennui, was draped over a coffee table), the store felt a lot like a Parisian hotel.

When two uniformed waiters materialized with cups of coffee on a silver tray, Mr. Lauren smiled. “Are you sensing this is a stage set?” he asked. “This is not about ‘Look how glitzy we are.'”

Polo built the store to resemble a classic New York mansion. Since 1986, it has had a store in the former Rhinelander Mansion across the street at 72nd and Madison, but it added this one to give the women’s and home lines much more room. The company has also said recently that urban and tourist stores are doing better than regional and local ones, and this store is meant to be a draw for tourists.

Indeed, across the street at the men’s store, there was hardly an American accent to be found among the shoppers, and many carried New York City guidebooks.

“They’ve been there a long time, and it’s somewhat of a destination,
marco polo bus Ralph Lauren to Open Upscale New York Store
” said Laura Pomerantz, principal at PBS Real Estate. “There is certainly traffic there as a result,” she said, “and it’s a well heeled tourist.”

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Down a limestone staircase with wrought iron railings to the third floor, there are more casual lines not found in department stores. To the side is the RLX sportswear, like a neon pink jacket for $298, and in the main rooms, feathered sparkly pants, leather coats and cashmere sweaters. There are also hoodies for dogs.

The second floor houses the Purple Label line, which offers expensive versions of runway clothes, and the first floor is handbags, shoes and jewelry. The store has several firsts, including a lingerie line, fine jewelry and made to order suits for women. It is also introducing its version of fast fashion, where customers use an iPad to choose a clothing item and a monogram color and style, and a pair of seamstresses in the basement produce the order within minutes.

What is missing are the lower end products that are sold wholesale to stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s: the piles of chinos, sweatshirts and socks emblazoned with the Polo horse.

In its fiscal year 2010, ended in April, wholesale and retail sales contributed around the same amount to the company’s revenue, $2.5 billion for wholesale, and $2.3 billion for retail. But wholesale contributed more than double the operating income, at $585 million, versus $254 million for retail. While revenue fell 1 percent in fiscal 2010, in the most recent quarter, it was up 13 percent from the same period a year earlier, and sales at stores open more than a year, an important indicator of retail health, rose 7 percent.

“You make your statement when you’re advertising and when you’re opening stores,” Mr. Lauren said. “When they shop your stuff in the department store, they see your things and they know it’s Lauren.”
marco polo bus Ralph Lauren to Open Upscale New York Store

university of maryland water polo Ralph Lauren to Hang Internet Shingle

kool g rap and dj polo Ralph Lauren to Hang Internet Shingle

Upscale clothier Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. The Web site will be the retail centerpiece of a $250 million, multi media foray that includes Internet, print, broadcast and cable media. The site will operate under the auspices of Ralph Lauren Media, Polo Ralph Lauren’s 30 year alliance with NBC.

“We’re not only selling clothes, we’re selling dreams,” Ralph Lauren, chairman/CEO of Polo Ralph Lauren, told a news conference in New York yesterday. “Right now, we’re in the Internet business. We’re going to be in e commerce, but we’re going to be selling products in a way that’s not been done yet.”

The U. S. only online store will initially sell Polo and Ralph Lauren apparel, accessories, gifts and home goods for men, women and children. All products will be marked at suggested retail price, a move aimed to maintain parity with Polo’s 27 bricks and mortar stores in the U. S.

According to the agreement, Polo Ralph Lauren will own 50 percent of the New York based Ralph Lauren Media joint venture.

NBCi will chip in with another $40 million in online promotion and distribution. ValueVision will commit $50 million in cash. These commitments will be spread over five years. The company will also handle returns, exchanges and personal assistance at its retail stores as part of the online offline collaboration.”This is probably the most exciting thing that we have been involved with in a long time,” said Bob Wright, president/CEO of NBC and chairman of NBCi. “I think it’ll be a ground breaking venture in terms of what we can do by combining all of our resources.”

Jeffrey D.

“How are we going to do that? My focus, and the focus for the entire organization, is going to be on the customer experience, what can we do to meet or exceed [that],” said Morgan,
university of maryland water polo Ralph Lauren to Hang Internet Shingle
the former worldwide publisher of Men’s Health magazine.

Forrester Research estimates online sales of general apparel in 1999, 2000 and 2001 respectively at $1 billion, $2.6 billion and $5.1 billion. By 2004, projected online sales of $22.5 billion will comprise 11 percent of all apparel sold.

For accessories, Forrester projects 1999, 2000 and 2001 online sales at $438 million, $751 million and $1 billion, respectively. The Internet in 2004 will account for 9 percent, or $3.5 billion, of total accessories sold.

Polo Ralph Lauren expects the Web site to be profitable in its fourth year. But apparel Polo’s core business that last year accounted for a large chunk of its $8 billion sales is known to be the scourge of online retailers. Historically, apparel is the No. 1 return for online retailers. Most consumers like to see, touch and try clothes.

Lisa Allen, senior analyst at Cambridge, MA based Forrester, doesn’t think that will be a big issue in Polo Ralph Lauren’s case.

“Manufacturers, in large part, aren’t used to selling direct to retailers,” Allen said. “They don’t have experience developing relationships with individual customers. They don’t have experience in providing customer service, fulfillment and distribution.

“Now, Lauren is a little different in that regard because it does have company owned stores or boutiques. But [going online] raises their level of involvement in direct to consumer selling to a new level.”

USAData helps businesses find new customers and grow their current customers through a combination of data and digital marketing services, and easy to use SaaS technology products. We enrich customer data so businesses can more effectively target and communicate with customers, and connect them with their best look alike prospects through digital and traditional channels. We make it easy through simple, self serve applications and APIs,
university of maryland water polo Ralph Lauren to Hang Internet Shingle
as well as through full service programs managed by our Data and Digital experts.

polo high top sneakers Ralph Lauren to close stores amid sales slump

polo caps Ralph Lauren to close stores amid sales slump

NEW YORK (AP) Ralph Lauren is closing stores, cutting jobs and focusing more on its most popular brands to try to reverse its declining fortunes.

Shares of the fashion company tumbled 4 percent Tuesday.

The changes are the first big moves from CEO Stefan Larsson, who replaced company founder Ralph Lauren in the role late last year. Lauren is still executive chairman and chief creative officer of the fashion and home decor business he created.

The New York company, known for its polo shirts and pony logo, plans to close more than 50 stores, or about 10 percent of its total retail stores. It will let go approximately 1,000 of its 15,000 full time employees, or almost 7 percent.

It will focus more on its three best selling brands Ralph Lauren, Polo and Lauren and devote fewer resources to its smaller ones, such as Chaps and RLX. The company also hopes to produce its clothing faster, cutting six months from the production process to make it nine months.

Ralph Lauren expects the restructuring to save it between $180 million and $220 million a year. That on top of $125 million in cost cuts from last year. It expects to incur restructuring charges of up to $400 million for the year and inventory related charges of up to $150 million.
polo high top sneakers Ralph Lauren to close stores amid sales slump

branded polo shirts Ralph Lauren to Close Flagship Fifth Avenue Store

bobby jones polo Ralph Lauren to Close Flagship Fifth Avenue Store

Ralph Lauren Corp., reeling from tumbling sales and profit, will close its flagship Polo store on Fifth Avenue, revamp its e commerce operations and cut jobs in a $370 million shake up. It’s also streamlining its organization and shuttering other offices and stores.

The move follows the abrupt announcement in February that CEO Stefan Larsson was leaving the fashion house. He had been tasked with leading the company’s turnaround, but clashed with the eponymous founder over creative differences. Chief Financial Officer Jane Nielsen, a former Coach Inc. executive, is taking the reins as acting CEO while Ralph Lauren searches for a new leader.

“The Fifth Avenue store probably wasn’t planned to be profitable to begin with and was used to raise awareness of the brand,” said Chen Grazutis, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “The rent is probably one of the highest for them, and at some point it’s hard to justify it.”

Ralph Lauren fell as much as 4% to $78.08 in New York Tuesday, the biggest intraday drop in two months. The shares had already slid 9.9% this year through Monday’s close.

The restructuring plan will bring cash expenses of $185 million and a similar amount of noncash charges, the company said. The changes are expected to save $140 million a year by their completion, which is slated for the end of the next fiscal year in March. Ralph Lauren declined to say how many jobs were affected and said the cuts account for a small fraction of the charges.

The moves are part of Mr. Larsson’s so called Way Forward Plan that started last June. The company has eliminated layers of management, slashed 1,000 jobs and closed about 50 stores. It is also selling less merchandise to department stores, which have hurt the brand through heavy discounting. Ralph Lauren is refocusing on its three core brands: Ralph Lauren, Polo and Lauren.

The Manhattan Polo store, which is closing April 15, is located at 711 Fifth Avenue near 55th Street. It has been one of the company’s highest profile locations in its hometown of New York, in addition to the men’s and women’s flagship stores on Madison Avenue. The company still has seven other stores along with its Polo Bar restaurant in the city.

The company also will explore new retail concepts, including leveraging Ralph’s Coffee, and developing new store formats.

“We continue to review our store footprint in each market to ensure we have the right distribution and customer experience in place,” Ms. Nielsen said in a statement Tuesday.
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