tommy polo Counterfeit Merchandise Seized

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers seized $5.7 million in alleged name brand counterfeit apparel during a commercial vehicle inspection Monday night on Interstate 80 about a mile west of Cheyenne.

WHP officials say a tractor trailer was pulled over during a level three inspection. They say the trooper discovered there was no listing on the bill of lading as to what the cargo in the trailer actually was. 18 pallets of counterfeit Louis Vuitton faux handbags and leather jackets,
tommy polo Counterfeit Merchandise Seized
and Nike tennis shoes.

The Highway Patrol says the imported counterfeit designer clothing is believed to have come from a manufacturer in China. They say the tractor trailer originated at a port in Los Angeles, California and was destined for delivery in New York City.

Troopers say it is not illegal to buy counterfeit merchandise,
tommy polo Counterfeit Merchandise Seized
but is illegal to manufacture such items. The Patrol has asked the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to assist in the investigation to help determine the origin and final deliver destination of the merchandise.