pony polo wraps Billy Elliot’s jaded dance teacher is dream role for Annette

polo club shirts Billy Elliot’s jaded dance teacher is dream role for Annette

“It’s very rare that you get a brilliant film and a brilliant stage show,” says Annette. “The way they use theatrical magic on stage especially in the dream ballet when Billy dances with an older version of himself is just wonderful.”She adds: “The politics of the story is dealt with brilliantly in the show, more so than the film. It explores the miners’ strike and its effects on the community and Billy’s family. The further North we’ve gone on the tour, the more the show resonates with audiences. This was especially so when we were in Sunderland, which isn’t far from Easington where Billy Elliot is set.”At the heart of the show is a boy with a passion and a dream, but it’s also about solidarity. It’s brilliant, truthful storytelling.”Jaded and cynical, Mrs Wilkinson long since gave up any ambition of making it as a dancer, and instead teaches basic ballet to girls who will never make it as dancers either.”She’s world weary and bored,” says Annette. “They’re not the most talented kids, so when she spots Billy’s talent and sees how extraordinary he is it re lights her own spark.”Billy’s mother is dead and Mrs Wilkinson takes on a maternal role, as well as encouraging him to follow his dream.””I adore Julie Walters, I’m sure I was influenced by her,” says Annette. “But I think each actress who plays Mrs Wilkinson brings something new. I love playing her. She’s cynical and has lost her way a bit, but there’s a dancer still in there.”Having trained as a dancer, Annette understands the discipline and commitment required for a life devoted to dance. Her musical roles include Velma Kelly in Chicago and Mrs Wormwood in Matilda, and she has been in Royal Shakespeare productions. One half of a female comedy duo called Fair Do’s, Annette was last at the Alhambra in a brilliantly funny take on Brief Encounter.”I really wanted to go to the Royal Ballet School, so I identify with Billy,” she says. “The four boys who play Billy, (who include 11 year old Matthew Lyons from Yeadon), are amazing, and they each bring something different to him. They can dance, sing, act and do gymnastics. They’re super talented. They’re forever leaping backwards off chairs, they’re incredible to watch.”The musical has been staged on Broadway and around the world in places such as Sydney, Chicago, Sao Paulo and Seoul, South Korea. The first Japanese language production opens in Tokyo next year.”Even though it’s a very British story, its themes are universal. Everyone takes this amazing boy to their hearts,” says Annette. “I’ve been lucky in my career; I’ve done a bit of everything, from telly to the RSC. But in this show I get to do everything I’ve been trained for. It’s a dream.”
pony polo wraps Billy Elliot's jaded dance teacher is dream role for Annette