polo grounds projects Frostbite chances rise as temperatures

ralph lauren polo big pony Frostbite chances rise as temperatures

KALISPELL, Mont. Frostbite is a very real danger in these cold temperatures. It only takes between 10 and 30 minutes to get frostbite, and just the smallest gust could bring it down to less than 10 minutes.

Kids at the bus stop Wednesday morning should have their nose and ears covered and wear gloves.

NBC Montana went to the Flathead County Health Department to find out how you can spot the warning signs and prevent frostbite.

Deputy health officer Hillary Hanson says, in many cases, other people will notice the frostbite before the person who has it.

“Some of the things people really want to watch for are white or grayish skin, numbness, a lot of the times people won’t recognize frostbite, it will be about you recognizing frostbite on that person, a waxiness to the skin and those are the first signs of it,” she said.

Montana residents are no strangers to cold and say preparation is key.

“Don’t overdress, that’s the ticket is to dress just right, like have extra clothes in your car,
polo grounds projects Frostbite chances rise as temperatures
” Clarke Dickey said.

With the cold weather we have been having lately it’s very easy for someone to get frostbite. A table from the CDC shows how long it could take, depending on the conditions.

Hanson says to limit activity in the cold weather. “Recognizing when you’re outside that you don’t want to be over exerting yourself; your body is working really hard just to stay warm,” she said.

Once someone gets frostbite they should get medical attention right away.

“You can place those fingers, toes, whatever that might be, into warm water, not hot water but warm water, and I think the thing that people always think is let’s rub it, it will warm it up and that’s actually not something you should do, so you want to make sure not to rub that area; it can actually cause damage,
polo grounds projects Frostbite chances rise as temperatures
” Hanson said.