tall polo shirts Friend travels life’s journey with exceptional courage

st francis water polo Friend travels life’s journey with exceptional courage

Today I wish I had unlimited space to write about one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever known.

I met Nancy Myers Grigsby when I was a sophomore at Mississippi College. She burst onto that small Baptist college campus as a freshman and MC would never be the same.

Gregarious and huge hearted, Nancy quickly made friends with the masses and became involved on campus and off in programs and projects that made a difference in the lives of others.

Wherever Nancy was there was laughter, and lots of it.

Nearly 40 years later, I would still ask her to do her impression of “Brady Bunch” mom Florence Henderson singing “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.”

And there was the time at MC when Nancy took a guy friend of hers up to her room on third floor Hederman and, to the horror of other girls in the dorm, began changing clothes. All learned later Nancy’s friend was blind.

After college, Nancy spent some time recruiting for the college she loved so much. She married Bill and they had two handsome sons, Taylor and Parker. For most of these post college years she’s lived in a town in Florida, aptly named Niceville.

Fourteen years ago, Nancy began a journey. It’s a journey Nancy owned, and she traveled every road stretched before her with courage, humor, faith, strength and amazing grace.

It started in her colon, this dastardly thing called cancer. Through the years, it invaded her liver and lymph system, as well.

With phenomenal pluck, she took part in all manner of medical studies. Chemo was a close and constant companion for much of these past 14 years.

She lost her hair and had it grow back, more times than I can remember. Our Nancy rocked both baldness and wigs that wowed us.

And through it all, Nancy continued to travel to faraway countries on mission trips and to speaking engagements all over this country to share her mighty faith and her powerful love for the one who breathed life into her.

She rarely missed the opportunity to cheer on her beloved Auburn Tigers whenever they took to the field. War Eagle!

For at least the past decade, a small group of friends who met all those years ago at Mississippi College, gather for a weekend. I think we’d all agree Nancy has been our captain, our adhesive, our center.

This past weekend, those who could met in Seaside at Nancy’s bungalow. Nancy was unable to be there. The cancer she’d lived with so long had pushed its way into her lungs.
tall polo shirts Friend travels life's journey with exceptional courage