polo golf and country club For Beginners and Pros Alike

who is marco polo For Beginners and Pros Alike

By definition, backlinks are simply links from other sites that direct people back to your website. Sounds fairly straight forward, right? Well, not all backlinks are created equal. I’ll explain what I mean, but first let’s look at how they came into being so we REALLY understand polo ralph lauren their purpose for business.

It all started polo ralph lauren australia with the inventors of Google and a concept called page ranking; these were really smart guys, one of which was Larry Page (very appropro last name, don’t ya think?). In March of 1996, they came up with a way to grab information on the web then use statistical formulas or algorithms to measure the popularity of a website in order to assign it a ranking score.

In this magic formula of winning the popularity contest, both quantity AND quality matter. In other words, the number of links pointing to your site is important. But, also links coming from high ranked sites to yours is like striking gold for increasing your traffic because of how the search engines notice your site AND give it the thumbs up. Let me explain.

Pages are ranked with a score from 0 to 10. Sites such as Google and Yahoo are 10s, of course. Sites like Ezines and HubPages are ranked around 5. Most blog sites rank, on average,
polo golf and country club For Beginners and Pros Alike
between 1 and 3. Sites that have higher page rank are deemed as more important and credible to the “webcrawlers.” So, you see, getting some “breadcrumbs” sprinkled to your site from one of the big enchiladas is a very good thing appetizing for search engines (very smart but very picky eaters). At the end of the day, lots of high quality backlinks to your site increases your availability or easy access on the web, thus SEO (search engine optimization).

Some Great Ways To Build Backlinks

1. Make a few freebies available and call to action that takes them to your site.

3. Provide a short multiple choice quiz (keep it to 1 or 2 questions).

4. Get a Twitter account with your websites listed there; very important to design a background different from the standard ones Twitter provides.

5. Use methods of automating your Twitter, like Twibs, TweetDeck and HootSuite.

6. Start a debate with someone on Twitter who has thousands of followers be very careful to remain polite and professional throughout the process.

7. Get your business on Google Places.

8. Reveal the top ten blogs of the week on your site.

9. Provide a huge list of resources.


11. Submit your blogs and articles to directories.

12. Write reviews on services, products, large companies and well known people.

13. Retweet content that belongs to experts in your niche.

14. Send website owners compliments or testimonials (be genuine).

15. Do reviews regarding your niche on Amazon.

16. Link your sites to each other (also direct with or without the www in your URL and vice versa).


18. Post your videos on sites like MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Viddler.

19. Add content to you blog on a regular basis (at least twice a week).

20. Create a Fanpage on Facebook separate from your personal profile (very important).

21. Post helpful comments on other people’s Fanpages and blogs.

22. Write a newsletter that goes out on a regular basis.

23. Write very inexpensive eBooks about your niche and promote them on Amazon.

24. There are freelance websites where you can hire people to LIKE, DIGG, BOOKMARK or COMMENT on your stuff.
polo golf and country club For Beginners and Pros Alike