polo raincoat further divide regional shopping market

polo park apartments nashville further divide regional shopping market

military helicoptersTULSA, Okla. (AP) Two national chains, Costco and Trader Joe are scheduled to bring more grocery options to Tulsa in the span of two months, and, when they do, high end natural grocers and other wholesalers will face stiffer competition, national and local experts say.

Trader Joe won compete with Wal Mart directly, experts say. But Costco will.

Each store is moving into a wealthy neighborhood. For Trader Joe it Brookside, which already has a cluster of grocery stores nearby a Natural Grocers, a Reasor and its natural competitor: Whole Foods.

The Trader Joe will open on Feb. 26, the company said. It a half mile from Whole Foods.

sure they happy as punch it coming across the street, said Scott Mushkin, head retail analyst at Wolfe Research, a New York research firm.

Trader Joe offers similar goods to Whole Foods at better prices,
polo raincoat further divide regional shopping market
Mushkin said. The range isn as wide, but there more private label merchandise.

Trader Joe is also a private company, and Whole Foods is public. That can create some disadvantages, Mushkin said.

Other companies now know Whole Foods margin. Private Trader Joe can withstand financial difficulties without having to please shareholders.

It also moving into a higher income area. The average household income in the neighborhoods to the south and east is well above $100,000, according to census tract data.

Mark Rooney, a retail broker for commercial real estate firm CBRE, said the area wealth attracted Trader Joe The young families in the area want organic food, he said, but at less of a price.

Foods would be an expensive place for most young families to shop on a regular basis, Rooney said. these young families are shopping where they can buy things like organic groceries at the most affordable prices. agreed, pointing out differences in the shopping experience. He said shopping at Whole Foods is more of an experience, and that drives prices up.

Joe less of a selection, much more price competitive. If you still wanting to eat healthy and eating on more of the budget,
polo raincoat further divide regional shopping market
you going right across the street to Trader Joe Mushkin said.