long sleeve polo shirts Harry Reid says end of ranch stand

yellow polo shirts for women Harry Reid says end of ranch stand

WASHINGTON, DC Tempers have cooled over a cattle dispute that threatened to turn violent, in Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management started rounding up cattle, owned by a family that has been ranching since the 1800s.

The BLM said Cliven Bundy cattle were grazing illegally on federal land and he owed the government about a million dollars in back fees. Armed militia groups sided with Bundy. Rather than risk violence, the BLM called off the round up on Saturday and returned 300 head of cattle.

But on Monday, senate majority leader Harry Reid, who represents Nevada, said this isn the end of the issue.

it not over. We can have an American people that violate the law and just walk away from it, so it not over. said Reid

Senator Reid made his comments after the unveiling of four new battery electric buses for the regional transportation commission fleet in Reno.

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It appalling the government backed off on this guy. people and threatened to fight the government to defend this slacker rancher? They should be rounded up, herded into prison, and convicted of treason. What with the government off to not violence If they threaten violence, by all means, answer with violence it the only language these pathetic privileged thugs understand. Our military should have responded in kind. Let them decide their own fate.

The time to stop this right wing militia BS is NOW. It is obvious the extreme right wing plans on resorting to violence to get their pathetic way, so it time to fight fire with fire.

And we gave the redneck hick his cattle back? When he a million bucks behind in taxes? Just shows us all who really OWNS and controls this country the far extreme wacked out right, and it time for correction We need to take this country back from the right wing wackos and return it to ALL the people, not just those who had everything handed to them in life and now want us to believe they it. ranching since the 1800s interprets to generation didn need do a lick of work to have their fortune handed to them on a silver platter you know the kind, the ones complaining loudest about welfare folks not working hard enough while they everything handed to them. Most civilized socialist countries would have said, don wanna pay up? Then we just TAKE YOUR STINKIN LAND ya hick. We should be taking his cattle AND his land maybe he can then go get a job and start working his way up from the bottom, like he expects all us people to do.

I sincerely hope Reid is correct this can be the end of this. This blatant anarchy has got to be stopped. Now.

Yer hick redneck friends are the ones on welfare, hickgirl. Seems to be the norm these days in the rural areas live off the fat of the public land at public expense, then accuse anyone that don agree of being on welfare. So typical of the right wing with no other sound arguments. Not on welfare myself, hickgirl, no I actually had to work for what I have, unlike what Mr. Bundy who had it all handed to him in his lap probably spends most of the day managing his investments no wait, asking his assistants how his investments are doing. This Bundy too dumb to hold a job sweeping floors otherwise. Like most of those right wing thugs.

I take it you never been to a ranch since you think that ranchers have everything handed just to them with no work involved You clearly don realize the number of endless days and nights that go into bringing your sorry self a meal. Without farmers and ranchers none of you would get a bite to eat. Being a rancher isn easy. It not what y think it is. This man had every right to stand up for his business. He was caring for the land and the cattle that in and of itself should have been payment enough. Americans need to start understanding where there food comes from and start supporting farmers and ranchers instead of belittling and degrading them of trivial things like where their cattle eat. Americans also need to start standing up for themselves and their rights and freedoms. If it takes force then it takes force. What would you eat and wear? EVERYTHING around us depends on agriculture. Your ignorance shines thru in your comments you made. I can believe you ever put in a good honest day of hard labor like myself and everybody else who farms and ranches to provide not only for you and everyone in the United States but for people around the world. I think the fact that he was maintaining that land should have been payment enough for using it. You obviously do not know the costs to maintain ranch and farmland. We rely on the land so we have to take care of it so it can take care of us. If ranching and farming go away like the government is trying to do just remember who will be starving. It won be the people who know how to raise and butcher animals or the people who can raise and grow a crop. WE are a strong, independent, united group who give anything for a friend or neighbor. It be you who wanted farmers and ranchers off their land and shut down. It will be you that fought against us and used offensive names (yes, I find redneck hick and living in the 1800 offensive. Just because WE don live in the city with a cushy lazy person desk job don mean we are any less of a people. In fact if one group were to be better than another I say it would be us in agriculture. The farmers and ranchers. WE have a sense of togetherness. A work ethic that only city people can dream of. A deep love and respect for the land and animals we use.) WE need to stand up for OUR rights because no one else will and there are so many uniformed people like yourself that don understand what WE do for YOU and how little we gain monetarily from it. What we do gain however is worth more than any amount of money and that is why WE continue to fight for OUR way of life and OUR livelihood. And without us the whole world would go hungry.
long sleeve polo shirts Harry Reid says end of ranch stand