marco polo clothes Fashion Week doesn’t live up to its reputation

polo women boots Fashion Week doesn’t live up to its reputation

Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week usually attempts to showcase the best of Western New York. It can bring out the best dressed people, unique designers and great shopping.

This year, however, it was a bit disappointing.

The designers were good, but the overall event last week at Statler City seemed disorganized. There were different shows in each room, but no schedule to say when or where each show was being held. Crowds shuffled from room to room; the main hall was swarming with people. No one was quite sure where the next event was or what designers were there.

Statler City was beautifully decorated with boutiques from local shops, luxury cars and a red carpet. On the second floor, desserts decorated the tables and the hors d’oeuvres were delicious. However, the semi chaotic atmosphere took away from this ideal location.

The designers who showcased their collections were Vincetta by Deanna Ansara, Rock ‘N’ Roll People by Nikolai Nalu, Franci Jewelry by Nicole Morris, Jimmy Lee by Jimmy Lee,
marco polo clothes Fashion Week doesn't live up to its reputation
Marc/Ella New York by Brenda Liz and Jaime Torres and House of Versatile Styles by Bukola Are.

All of the designers’ passion, commitment and hard work were shown through their clothes. Some took a more ready to wear look, like Vincetta, Marc/Ella New York and Jaime Torres. They featured loose, free flowing pieces, light colors and floor length skirts.

Rock ‘N’ Roll People, Franci Jewelry, Jimmy Lee and House of Versatile Styles featured more exotic looks. The models wore red ski masks during the Rock ‘N’ Roll People show, which put a unique twist on the looks. The other designers had more of a costume esque vibe to their looks, because of the sparkle and outfits you’re less likely to see on the street.

Buffalo Fashion Week attempted to keep its reputation of being one of the best events in Western New York. This year, the location was ideal and the designers were good, but while everyone was hoping that it would continue to grow from last year, it failed to do so. But there’s still plenty of hope for next year.
marco polo clothes Fashion Week doesn't live up to its reputation