personalized polo shirt haves’ from Kristen Crowley

youtube water polo haves’ from Kristen Crowley

During both of my pregnancies, I had to keep my shopping habits, and my pocket book, in check. I had to keep telling myself “it’s only a short time Kristen, do not go crazy spending money on clothes”! Trust me, that was a VERY hard thing to do!

Especially in my job. The things that I learned though were what to really invest in, and what you REALLY need. So I wanted to share my list with you if you are a new Mom to be so you do not waste your money!

Black pants, you need at least one good pair that FIT well and don’t slide down whenever you sit down! I loved my Motherhood Maternity belly fit ones!

Jeans. Find one good pair. If you know your size and have a favorite brand BUY THEM, you will wear them for months AFTER you give birth too!

T shirts or tank tops. I bought both in black and white, you can add jewelry or shoes for pops of color! (Charming Charlie’s has great affordable jewelry.)

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! They are the easiest thing to wear when preggers! Invest in solid colors that you can dress up or down.

Belly Bands buy a black one and a beige one, they make your pre pregnancy skirts and pants work in those “awkward” months in the beginning and after birth!

Comfortable bras yes, I said it, it really IS important! You can buy the nice stretchy lined miracle or genie bra, and go one size uptrust me!

Flat shoes. They are not my go to style, but they are a necessity. You don’t want your feet to look (or feel) like stuffed sausages in your heels all day.

I found great ones at TJ Maxx and Target.

Tights, leggings, or pantyhose. If you wear them for work go to TJ Maxx, Ross, or the clearance racks and buy two sizes up in regular ones, then take a pair of scissors and cut a slit down the front so they fit under your belly. The Spanx maternity ones are great, but they cost more.

Keep this in mind: you can always go up one or two dress sizes if you shop the clearance racks. Solid colors are more slimming. Invest in a few pieces you LOVE. If you love it, you will feel better when wearing it, and trust me when the hormones start raging you will want to be able to throw on a stress free outfit that you feel good in. Go through your closet and pull all of the clothes that are loose fitting and stretchy and evaluate what you have that will double as maternity clothing THEN go shopping.

I hope this helps you Moms to be out there, and will take a little bit of the stress out of planning your maternity wardrobe! It is YOUR time, so celebrate your pregnant body and don’t forget you will always be fabulous since your belly is your best accessory during this time!
personalized polo shirt haves' from Kristen Crowley