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Some great new products have evolved in the last year, from wearable health monitors to hydration gear, there are many unique new ideas to get you geared up for your New Year New You resolution.

Check out a couple of our favorites

Clunky wristbands and constricting chest straps be gone! The Spire Health Tag adheres directly to the clothes that you wear most and virtually disappears (think bras, underwear, pajamas or exercise gear.)

They stay in your clothes, have a two year battery life with no need for charging, and are waterproof to go through the washer and dryer no need to remove and reattach!

Algorithms analyze your heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, respiration and activity to provide personalized real time recommendations on how to improve your health, sleep better and reduce your stress levels daily. SImple,
polo colgne Health and Vigor
functional, and comfortable, the is the fanny pack of the future. Its sleek comfortable design secures valuables like your cellphone, keys or identification.

The is form fitted to your waist and allows for balanced distribution of items, eliminating bouncing and chafing while you run. With a variety of styles, these fitness belts can hold water, nutrition bars, your phone, keys, and whatever else you might need.

The Fitletic Hydration Belt is perfect for distance runners or if you’re training for half or full marathons. Made of neoprene so it is waterproof, the belt, including the water bottle fit comfortably around your waist and is adjustable to limit movement or shifting.

Brooks Running Shoes

It’s time to throw out your stinky old running shoes and upgrade to high tech. Brooks Footwear offers the most engineered running shoes, designed to fit any type of runner.

From ballistic rock shields and 3D hex lugs to a segmented crash pad,
polo colgne Health and Vigor
there isn’t one part of the shoe that Brooks hasn’t redesigned from a runner’s perspective.