reebok polo Fast food workers hold nationwide strike Thursday

white polo shirts for women Fast food workers hold nationwide strike Thursday

maybe if they made 15 a hour they would care to get your food right but honestly the we work harder then most educated jobs do. sit at a desk and type all day or sit in a bank and count money those are so big jobs but don require you to be movign all day on ur feet for 8 plus hours sweating over a hot stove and the reason soem of them work there is because we have children and can afford to go to school and if we made 15 hour maybe we could go to college and be more sucessfull but makign 8 dollars a hour barely pays the bills i need to get a second job even to make rent please don try to down anythign youv never had to go threw some people work all there life and will never make over 15 a hour. i know some guy who has worked at walmart for 20 years and still only makes 15 dollars a hour. i mean come on people the world is goign down hill why not make it better for some people.

I remember at age 10 that flipping burgers was not the path I wanted to take. I knew the pay was not good and overall it is a less than desirable career path that would not provide for a reasonable living. I made sure to get good grades and get the scholarships I needed to earn a post high school education.

Fast food burger flipping is for part time work. This includes high school/college students and retired folks wanting to do something out of dire boredom. This is NOT for for an individual with a family or housing to support.

Instead of standing out in the streets holding signs and fussing over burger flippin pay, they need to fix the problem, not the blame. A little bit of due diligence and hard work will pay off in the end.

If they raise the minimum wage to $15, then I will apply for a part time job at a fast food restaurant. I have a high school diploma and college degree. Many other educated individuals would do the same. Therefore, these people that are protesting wouldn’t even be offered the job. Instead of marching around in the sleet/freezing rain, maybe they should devote some time to educating themselves. In the end, everyone would be better off for it and these individuals would be able to obtain a better paying job.

These workers are pathetic! Are you serious? People with nursing skills who work with elderly and disabled don even make 15.00 an hour and they want us to support their 15.00 dollar an hour demand? Oh PLEASE. You are making hamburgers!!
reebok polo Fast food workers hold nationwide strike Thursday
!!!!!! And half the people protesting don even speak our English language! Get real people. Be happy you even have a job. Unreal. What a joke. These fast food workers haven spent any time in a certified nurse course, or licensed vocational nursing course,
reebok polo Fast food workers hold nationwide strike Thursday
or a pharmacy tech course, and yet they want the SAME pay rate these skilled and trained workers want? NO WAY. Get back to work and quit complaining. This is total waste of time and theatrical demands aren going to change public opinion of people with a GED or high school diploma flipping burgers!

Pfft, they don know what they have. Be lucky you have a job. I haven went to college yet and I 20, but I landed a job operating a loader at a concrete plant that pays twice as much as these guys are making now. IF THE MINIMUM WAGE GOES UP WHAT ALSO GOES UP! THE COST OF LIVING! Then you will be back in this position again demanding another pay raise. Either accept what you already have and be thankful for it, or find another job.