long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election

polo button downs A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election

WASHINGTON, DC The federal government will reach yet another debt crisis no later than October of this year. This news comes from Republican Senator Rob Portman and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Senate Budget Committee, announced that his analysis of President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget request established the statutory debt ceiling will be passed before Election Day 2012:

“Following the contentious debt ceiling last August, President Obama promised that he would take action to address the country’s fiscal crisis. He has failed to do that. This is just $60 billion below the 16,394,000,000,000 debt limit. Because the federal government is accumulating debt at a rate of $132 billion a month, the debt ceiling will be reached by October 15, 2012.

Geithner acknowledged the debt limit will be breached but told the Senate Budget Committed he expected that to be after October 15th. do not expect to hit the debt limit until quite late in the year, significantly after the end of the fiscal year [Sept. 30] but before the end of the calendar year, he said. would hit the $16.4 trillion debt limit before the Nov. 6 presidential election, when it would once again become a political hot button issue. The debt ceiling was raised by $1.2 trillion last month after Congress did not pass a resolution opposing it.

The debt limit is just one of a series of critical fiscal issues that probably will have to be decided by the lame duck Congress. Geithner also told the committee that he would not support extending the payroll tax cut into 2013. Congressional negotiators have reached a deal to extend the tax break for the rest of 2012.

Since Geithner’s boss, President Obama, and Democrat leaders have made the payroll tax an issue, that statement is interesting indeed. The President has masterfully positioned himself and his friends in Congress as champions of tax cuts for the middle class via the payroll tax cut issue. Now Geithner says he will not support its extension into 2013.

The picture should be growing clearer what is happening with both the payroll tax cut issue and a string of short term debt ceiling extensions. With the debt ceiling set to be breached mid October, that will give the president fodder to attack any congressman or senator who opposes yet another meaningless extension. “Shut down the government,” is likely to become a campaign slogan once more.

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I work for the Government and let me assure you they are not going to tell you anything. YOu will just wake up one day without power, without a government, without, police and fire. Because to tell you is to admit they failed, lied, and stole. This government is STEALING everything. The reason they dont defend the border is simply because drug money made its way to the congress, senate, and Presidency. Mexican trucks were allowed into the states for one reason alone to smuggle drugs easier, period, distribution. The same goes for medical marijuana, it is to distribute easier. Our violent crime rate (in our city) has gone up 37% in the 3 years after the medical MJ shops openned. The that our US druggies provide is the root of most evil. If we dont get the drug habit under control, no matter how the war comes out, we will still have the problem, and it will grow again. Why it is hand in hand with Communists and Socialist is that it is right out of MAO redbook, destablization of the existing govt. That is why they are all on the same train. The reason they side with the muslims is because they will use them to create the chaos and volatility needed for a Global war.

This Crisis didnt exist until the first babyboomers tried to take their money out of Wall Street, then bang, the Wall Streeters and Congress were not able to steal as much and they raided the game. The truth is that the government stole all the money in Social Security, it is gone. All the gold in Ft Knox is gone. The times under clinton was merely the refinance of our debt with the chinese. Instead of paying it down they spent the borrowed money like there was no tomorrow. Tomorrow is here. I dont think it is over either, there is worse to come. There can be no common ground. The Left HATES and demonizes Christians and Right wing as Evil, even if they are not associated, if you have one trait you are both and the result is evil. The left will not back up they have nowhere to go to support their hatred and fear and drug induced paranoia , and we are on a cliff. War is coming. Once again we have our country split, dichotomously opposed, the venom and hatred from the left is worse than that I have seen in countries openly warring. And once again we have a fool attorney from Illinois as our leader, who is dividing the country by race and economics successfully. Just like his predecessor he suspended Habeus Corpus (SOPA) , and nobody said a word. By labelling you a you will lose your rights to due process, and nobody said a word. Most of you may think it is only for internet related crimes, but once the presidence is set, how long do you think it will take them to use it on you, when they find no other way of getting at you? Think they wont do that? You would be wrong, they will, and there are men and women in the government, military,
long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election
and police forces who most assuredly will enforce that. We are entering into a dangerous time, the Democrats are enemies of the constitution. Not sure what side the Repubs are on, but if they were as inept in my Army, as they were in governing, I would fire them. Ron Paul, Sarah Palin? They are only onesies and twosies, and Washington DC hates them and fears them, with a vehement passion that is even surprizing to me.

If our brethren on the left dont snap out of their coma and realize they are being duped we as a country will most likely fall apart. The ability to drop your power grid is available to to government and they know it. They did it in the LA Riots and Katrina. Better be prepared to go without power. This spring in the goodwills etc buy all the cold weather gear you can. You are going to need it.

One of the worst problems that will arise out of that power loss will be the loss and of course the complete government control of ALL Communications. You will only hear what they want you to hear. You will be pitted against each other, and good men will be called evil and evil good. They will hunt you down, and your neighbors will betray you, even family members will betray you for favors, but no favors will ever come. We are facing pure evil, in a consolidated force because we did not fight it all along, we let it grow and in our attempt to appear enlightened and we let it multiply. Not sure if this is a bibilcal calamity sized war requiring the return of christ, but it could be, It may be just a man made conflagration that will kill 70 80 million world wide, which really isnt all that much.

Out of the chaos it creates the government will itself and provide a minus a slow moving and archaic that slows down and impedes someone as Good, true, and benevolently well meaning as President Obama. If you go along with it they will enslave you within a few years. Then mental giants like Joe Biden, Al Gore, and harpies like Hillary Clinton will most assuredly decide your fate. Read their books and see what they think of you, the heartland, and read their intent to reduce the population below 30K beyond the Mississippi!! They will tell you what they intend to do. It is all right down the line of what Magaret Sanger wrote in eugenics. The proponents of Global Warming and Climate change see YOU, not them as the problem. I dont know why they think that because they mean well it is your fault, or why if you dont agree with their hypothesis youdeserve to die, but they do. The tree of liberty is demanding an infusion.

Very little more is needed to convince you if your not already convinced that he Bible is gods rules and prophesy is all coming true. No doubt that people throughout the ages could not beleive that it was happening before their eyes either. But it does. Our country is destroying itself. We turned from God, we educated an entire 3 4 generations of imbeciles who only revere their own intellect. As they profess themselves wise they became fools. A Spartan king was once Quoted: A country who allows politicians to lead their Military, and the Military to govern the people, Will be governed by fools, and defended by cowards.

We are there, all we need is a catalyst, and believe you me, from my inside seat at the table, they are searching for it desperately, and if they dont find it they will create it.

One of the biggest societal problems/weaknesses I see is the market that american leftists and liberals create with their drug habit. I am in afghanistan now and you cannot believe the damage that market creates in countries. Ours is next. Expect riots and economic downfalls in the near future. Better be paying attention to the discussions on this site. Better be getting together with friends and family and discussing the War is coming unless we do something to stop it, and giving in or giving up wont stop it. Your family and friends who wont listen or call you nuts, just leave them alone, certainly DO NOT tell them of your preparations. I have deadbeats in my family as well so I know what I am talking about. I have a daughter that I had to throw out for drug usage, before she spread it to the little kids. Hard decisions have to be made, God commanded us to do so. Drug usage is not a victimless crime. What our AG, President, and BATFE did under fast and furious could be considered and illegal act of war against mexico. If you dont vote shame on you. We have got to break the power of this presidency, congress, and senate. We have got to start putting people in power that govern from the constituion alone. We have got to start fighting crime seriously, no more attorney tricks to get money out of the criminal justice system. If you smoke pot or do drugs, be responsible and stop, you are killing other people. If you dont read the bible, you better start. If you are a christian and wonder whether you are saved,
long sleeve pocket polo A Premeditated Debt Crisis Before the Presidential Election
you better grow up and get with that program. Get fully on board or get off the bandwagon. Good luck to all.